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CWT Travel Source are proud to be working with Dr. Agnes Nowaczek with the support and administration of her custom design individual and group Ecotours. We highly recommend her services to those who seek experiences in Eco Tourism and Sustainable Tourism.


Dr. Nowaczek - Credentials

I have always been a keen student and enthusiast of nature, having completed ecotourism projects in Poland, Peru, Costa Rica, and North America. Throughout my academic studies culminating in a PhD in Ecotourism, and years of professional work experience including my TICO Travel Counselor Certificate (2010), I have consistently pursued my passion to connect people with nature and create opportunities and experiences to transform visitors. Drawing on my academic background, I also design itineraries for University courses related to Sustainable Tourism. Please contact me for consultation and trip planning if you are interested in this type of travel.

I offer years of academic & professional experience in Ecotourism, Sustainable Tourism and Voluntourism, the support and protection plan provided by Canada`s leading travel specialists from Carlson Wagonlit Travel Source, and local partners in each destination who know these places intimately.

Link to a University of Waterloo Alumni Newsletter article


“There are countless people who have very good credentials when it comes to experience and education in the area of ecotourism. Agnes Nowaczek is one of these people. But what sets Agnes apart from the rest of the crowd are qualities rooted not in productivity, structure and form (business as usual), but rather in content, consideration, trust, creativity, imagination and open-mindedness. There is an ethic of care that characterises Agnes’s actions, and this is laden with responsibility for the other, whether that be the client or the natural world in general.”

Dr. David Fennell, Professor and World Leading Expert in Ecotourisom

Tourism & Environment, Brock University, St Catherines, ON, Canada   



“Agnes understands the dilemmas of conservation and development, and her interests in environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and sustainable development make her an ideal consultant, especially because of her interests in ethical Ecotourism. Her enthusiasm to promote positive change in communities and preserve the natural environment is consistent with the ethos of Ecotourism. She has a curious personality and has a friendly demeanor which would make it very easy for her to get along well with her colleagues, clients, etc. I wholeheartedly endorse her skills and recommend Agnes with utmost confidence.”


Hitesh Mehta, President, HM Design



Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA







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